Tarot for Christians

MWB is pleased to add Wynn Wagner’s Tarot for Chris­tians to its cat­a­log. It is avail­able as paper­back and e-book.

The main char­ac­ter of tarot’s first card is The Fool, and Tarot for Chris­tians is the adven­ture of that inno­cent wan­derer. THE FOOL is a sim­ple trav­eler through the deck, grow­ing and learn­ing, expe­ri­enc­ing and living.

The author — a retired arch­bishop of the Old Catholic Church — brings his knowl­edge of meta­physics and tra­di­tional sym­bol­ism to these mis­un­der­stood “flash cards.” Each of the major cards in the deck is a sta­tion on the Fool’s jour­ney. The arch­bishop explains his take on each of the major cards with humor and eager antic­i­pa­tion of the wis­dom to be found in the images.

The Fool’s adven­ture is a med­i­ta­tion on life, not an attempt to peer into the future. It is a les­son for today, not tomor­row. Tarot for Chris­tians is the lov­ing and per­sonal jour­ney of Christ’s vagabond, and he wants us all to join him.

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